Threadbare's Earth Day Endeavors

While sustainability and environmentalism should permeate our day-to-day practices, on Earth Day many organizations, companies, and even individuals make great strides to reduce their impact on our ecosystems. 

At Threadbare, we prefer to say "Earth Day Everyday" whenever April 22nd rolls around. That being said, we still like to do something extra special on Earth Day!

Earth Day with Allmade

This year, while rocking some Allmade tees, we picked up litter from the streets and alleyways that surround our shop. This excursion was not only a positive move (when is picking up litter not a nice thing to do?) but it also serves as a way for us to encourage the business owners in our local community of Downtown Eugene to task themselves and their employees with being more sustainably-minded. 

Our clean-up excursion was inspired by Allmade's Earth Day Pledge for themselves, and other businesses who signed up, to clean up 10 garbage bags of trash. 

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