Best Practices

Implementing a New T-Shirt Recycling Program

T-Shirt Recycling with Marine Layer and For Days
We're implementing an exciting new program to recycle our customers' old t-shirts, tanks, and hoodies. Thank you for reading!

Environmentally-Conscious, Ethical Brands for Office Supplies

Environmentally-Conscious, Ethical Brands for Office Supplies
Today's blog post goes over our commitments to sustainable procurement. We list some of the ethical and sustainable brands that we purchase our office supplies and cleaning products from. Thanks for reading!

Sustainable Shipping: Methods & Supplies

Threadbare Shipping Sustainability
This post covers our shipping department and the methods/materials we use to reduce the amount of waste produced by this department.

The Garments

The Garments
This week's blog post is centered around garments that are sustainably and ethically sourced as well as how we direct customers to these sources.

"Best Practices" Blog

Threadbare Print House
This is an introduction to our blog on the sustainable and ethical business practices that our shop has employed. Thanks for reading!