Our Screens

For the bulk of Threadbare’s beginnings, our screens have been coated and broken down with chemicals. While we’ve always tried our best to store and reuse burned screens to reduce our chemical usage, it hasn’t been possible to entirely step away from these chemicals until very recently. With new innovations, we’re officially able to get designs onto screens without the use of chemicals. Ryonet’s Eco Screens (see photo below) work by providing a metal base and mesh panels which are woven into a plastic locking strip. This locking strip replaces glues, ensuring that the mechanism used to hold the mesh on the frame won’t break down over time. Overall, the mesh used for these screens has more longevity. 

Not only do these screens enable us to step away from the chemicals traditionally used to coat and break down screens, the materials that make up the Eco Screen film itself are recyclable, which is a great bonus!

Helpful Links:

Link to Ryonet’s Eco Screens

Video on Ryonet’s Eco Screens

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